Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Dog Kennel A limited edition BeagleBoard running the latest RISC OS rom in a unique case PandaBoard ES Bare PandaBoards and an ARMiniX Lite - available while stocks last! RiscPOD mSATA An Acorn emblazoned USB adaptor for  mSATA drives Pi Cases A range of one-off or custom  RISC OS Pi cases Some old but useful Acorn-era RISC OS ephemera and goodies. Acorn Ephemera
SD Cards and MicroSD Cards A range of RISC OS related bits, including custom RISC OS and Raspbian uSD cards RISC OS Pi-Top v1 A Pi-Top laptop running RISC OS 5.24, with a free RISCOSbits Cog acrylic slice, in a subtle green case!
Dog Kennel
If you’re still happy using a BeagleBoard xM for RISC OS, but are jaded with the thought of having the bare board on the desk, or not keen on having it housed in an ITX case, then the Dog Kennel gives the option for something different! Based on our Deuce case, in a delightful shade of orange, the Dog Kennel has specific cut outs for the BeagleBoard xM, to accommodate the front ports and offers options to bring the HDMI and audio out to the front The Dog Kennel is priced at £79, including RISC OS 5.24 on a 16GB micro SD card. Larger capacity cards can be supplied and installed at extra cost. The case alone is only £35 for you to house your own existing BeagleBoard xM. Please contact for details.
Dog Kennel - RISC OS on a Beagleboard in an acrylic case
PandaBoard ES
We have a limited availability of PandaBoard ES boards available, complete with RISC OS 5.24 on SD cards. The Pandaboard is a mature development board, capable of running a solid port of RISC OS on a single 1.2GHz core, alongside an ample 1GB of memory. It has an onboard ethernet port, 2x USB2.0 (with headers for two additional ports), and a HDMI port for video out. Occasionally, we have Pandaboards housed in mini-ITX cases, as well as bare boards. To check our stocks at the present time, please check out or eBay items by clicking here.
Pandaboard ES - with RISC OS SD
Our last remaining stocks of the original RiscPOD have been updated to allow for a more modern, reliable and faster storage medium - SSD. We have installed the last few remaining RiscPODs with mSATA adaptors which not only allows the RiscPOD to use more reliable storage, but also makes the device considerably lighter! These items have a very familiar Nut logo and come in either sleek silver or glossy black, and are supplied as bare bones items - without the SSD - but with everything else you need, for only £24.99 although pre- formatted drives can be supplied and installed at extra cost. Please contact for details.
RiscPOD - RISC OS on an mSATA hard drive
This is a previously cherished Pi-Top v1, carefully refurbished by RISCOSbits, complete with a Raspberry Pi v3B+, and a 32GB RISC OS SD card containing a standard image, Pi-Top specific utilitis and other extra useful software. It also comes with a RISCOSbits Pi-Top Slice free of charge. The standard RISC OS Pi-Top is the basic choice but it is possible to add either a Wispy Wireless interface board or an mSATA drive carrier: Standard - £139 With bare mSATA adpator - £159 With Wispy - £169 Pre-formatted mSATA drives can be supplied and installed at extra cost. Please contact for details.
A rare chance to grab a LapDock with a Raspberry Pi Zero, all running RISC OS 5.24 out of the box. This kit includes a UK-keyboard LapDock from Motorola (including UK charger), a microUSB cable for power and data to the Pi Zero, and a micro HDMI to mini-HDMI adaptor cable. Just by connecting up the cables appropriately, the Pi Zero displays through the LapDock and uses the LapDock’s keyboard and mouse. Extra software is configured to allow the menu and adjust to work. The LapDock Zero is currently Out Of Stock. Please contact for details.
LapDock Zero A refurbished Motorola Atrix LapDock and charger, with a Raspberry Pi Zero and RISC OS 5.24 and the required cables to create a very slim RISC OS laptop LapDock Zero - a RISC OS Pi Zero on a Motorola Lapdock Pi-Desktop 120GB An element 14 Pi-Desktop case, complete with Raspberry Pi, 16GB RISC OS card and 120GB mSATA drive.
Pi Dekstop 120GB
This is a very lightly used element 14 Pi Desktop, complete with Raspberry Pi, 16GB micro SD with RISC OS, and a 120GB mSATA for fast, reliable storage. In short, this is a complete RISC OS desktop solution. The machine comes equipped with Shutdown and RTC software to make it as close to a standard desktop computer as can be, except running your favourite RISC OS. The 120GB mSATA hard drive contains a standard disc image plus extra bonus software to make using RISC OS even better.