Want a custom case? We can design custom cases based on our existing designs, or totally bespoke cases to your specifications. We can incorporate a range of custom acrylic colours, wooden veneers, different sizes of case, and totally new designs to meet your requirements. We can add customised engravings to any of the surface materials we use, should you wish to create that totally unique and personal design. Want a non-standard specification for a RISCOSbits product? Want extra RAM? Want a different model of Pi? Want more storage? Want additional peripherals with your standard model? We can customise and adapt the specification of any of our existing products to meet your requirements, by adapting off-the-shelf components in existing designs and systems. Examples might include: A PiPOD 4 with EDOS on a 256GB USB drive A PiAno with 8GB RAM and EDOS A custom fan to allow your PiHard 4 to be overclocked to 2.1GHz Want something unique, with a RISC OS twist? We can create something unique, just for you. Technical items or just for fun! A custom Micro ATX system with multiple OSes and even multiple SBCs inside A Windows laptop with an emulator pre-installed and configured your way A jigsaw of your favourite Acorn computer, with matching coasters! Why? Why not…
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
custom riscos case designs £59
Custom coloured Disc Invader
A specifically commissioned flourescent pink and acid green invader Disq case for a Pi 4.
Custom PiWiFi
One off PiWiFi with glass effect Nut design Thorin Case - simply a Pi 4 with WIFI HAT in an acrylic sandwich.
CM3 Slim Jim
A customised Slim Jim design built to accommodate a Pi Compute Module 3 custom carrier board with PoE capabilities.
Custom Time Lord Disq Case
Designed by a WROCC member, this Time Lord themed Disq case was specifically commissioned in TARDIS blue, with ventilation holes built into the design.
Custom Delta case for m2 Pi system
A custom Delta Compact case to host a Pi 4 with HDMI adaptor, and an m.2 Drive adaptor to make a complete Pi SSD system.
WIFI HAT Dongle for Pi400
Simple WIFI HAT on a custom board, with acrylic sandwich to protect the HAT itself and the adaptor board.
£59 PiRO Core - Raspberry Pi 3B+ with 32GB RISC OS card and RISCOSbits Case
Skull Style Translucent Case
Translucent opal coloured Skull design case for a Pi 4 and custom HDMI adaptor board.
Oak Deuce Case
Custom one-off Deuce case cut from 3mm oak (not veneered MDF or ply).
SlimJim TV HAT modified design
Custom SlimJim case, redesigned to accommodate a Raspberry Pi TV HAT - clear case with protective film still in place.