Enjoy the ease of RISC OS and the flexibility of Linux on a single Raspberry Pi system Easy Dual Operating Systems is a specially formatted drive and dedicated switching application that allows both RISC OS and Raspberry Pi OS (a variant of Debian Linux) to run on the same RISCOSbits Raspberry Pi system, without unplugging, pressing any buttons, or changing files. Just click on the icon to run the application. By using clever disk formatting, it possible to run both systems as fast as possible. Cleverly created partitioning means that both RISC OS and Linux can share files with each other easily. This has the added advantage for RISC OS that RISCOSbits’ Super Turbo Drive system is also available for speeding up those apps that can sometimes run slowly. EDOS uses a tweaked version of Raspberry Pi OS, a variant of Debian Linux. In order to enable the ability to run both systems on the same machine, the Linux installation has had to be hand-tuned to a particular machine. EDOS can be supplied with all of our PiHard systems on request, and can also be made available to other users via a custom USB drive or a specially-created multi-format SD card. Whilst it is not quite as efficient as a pre-built system, it is still very effective.
EDO/SD RISC OS, Linux and a shared partition on a single 128GB SD card! Running a variant of EDOS RISC OS Prime, you have everything you need on a single SD card. No need to use up a USB slot, or reformat your hard drive - this is simply a plug and go solution. Simply simple!
EDOS RISC OS Prime For the occasional Linux user. The machine automatically boots into RISC OS. Once Linux is loaded, using the dedicated !Linux application, when the system is rebooted, it automatically returns the system to the relative comfort of RISC OS.
EDOS USB A USB 3.1 drive with everything you need to upgrade your own system to EDOS, using the 128GB USB drive as the dedicated EDOS Raspberry Pi OS drive for your system. Also includes a pre-built 32GB SD card for RISC OS and EDOS files.
EDOS is created using publicly-available free software combined with licensed software, and bespoke hardware. Each system is hand tuned to ensure the best performance of EDOS for that particular system.
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
EDOS Options
The standard EDOS system for RISC OS users. It runs linux once, and then reboots into RISC OS the next time you turn it on.
A multi-format 128GB SD card that can run both Linux and RISC OS, with access to a shared partition for moving files between OSes.
The EDOS system with Raspberry Pi OS, all contained on a fast 128GB USB drive, with a 32GB RISC OS SD card. Suitable for any of our Pi 4 systems, or even your own Pi 4 board.
£15 £30 £45
A quick look at EDOS in action
System Requirements Pi3 or Pi 4 running RISC OS (Pi 4 gives substantially better results) Spare USB slot (preferably USB 3.0 on a Pi 4 for best performance) for EDOS USB Standard Loader partition of 50MB or above Standard Pi RISC OS firmware Upgrade your system for EDOS If you already own a Pi 4 in a standard plastic case (or no case at all!), we can upgrade your system to one of our FOURtress, PiAno, PiRO Noir or PiHarder systems, for a much reduced price. Rather than a trade in scheme, we incorporate your existing hardware into our system, including installing EDOS on the system at a configuration to suit you. Have a look at our FOURtify page for details. When installed in our system,s both Operating Systems can be safely run at 2.2 - 2.3GHzGHz without the risk of overheating. Couple that with Raspberry Pi OS making the best use of a solid state drive over a high speed USB 3 connection and you have a system that flies. Sadly, it’s so fast, you may never see the Raspberry Pi splash screen. Please see the PiHard website for an overview of our Pi-based systems capable of running EDOS, and contact us for details.