PiRO Noir ED BUTT This simple BUTT with the same colour scheme, footprint and basic shape as the PiRO Noir, has space to host a 2.5in SSD and our adaptor that squeezes nicely inside the case, and is held in place by the walls. At only 20mm high, it sits discreetly underneath your PiRO Noir. The BASIC option is a simple tray that you can slide whatever device you wish into there, including smaller form factor drives, and even HATs. It’s empty, so it’s up to you! The ADAPT option is made to house your own SSD, or even a mechanical 2.5in HDD. It comes complete with the USB-SATA adaptor ad case itself. Finally, the ULTRA option has the outer enclosure, the USB-SATA adaptor and a 240GB SSD, formatted as you prefer, to either Acorn Filecore format or Turbo format for fster file access.
Add three front USB ports to your FOURtress case
Add three front ports and a Wispy V Wireless Bridge device to your FOURtress. Comes complete with a Wispy V device and RISC OS instructions for setting it up to work with your favourite access points.
“I’ve got a Wispy V already” BUTT
Got a FOURtress and a Wispy V already? This special BUTT adds the three front USB ports, and allows you to add your existing Wispy V device into the enclosure.
£25 £49
BUTTs are Built Under The Top BUTTs are exclusive add-on extensions, designed to fit under one of our existing case designs to add extra functionality, or host a range of accessories for your RISCOSbits computer. We hope to offer a range of BUTTs over time, but our first BUTTs focus on our best-selling FOURtress machines, and work with the full range from the £99 FOURtress Lite, right up to the top-of-the-range 8GB FOURtress with a 240GB EDOS installation!
FOURtress BIG BUTT The FOURtress BIG BUTT incorporates the same three front USB ports as the BUTT but also adds our Wispy V wireless bridge unit, again hidden tidily from sight, with the spaghetti of cabling hidden around the back of the machine. As it remains at a slim 15mm in height, once mounted under your FOURtress machine, it’s still subtle and low enough to slip largely unnoticed onto your desk. Unless, like us, you want it to take pride of place! We even offer a special BUTT for you to add your own Wispy V (or similar device) to your FOURtress BUTT.
* not all USB devices will work with RISC OS. Please check prior to use.
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
FOURtress BUTT A simple shortfall of our excellent FOURtress machines is the lack of easily accessible front USB ports. Most of us can overlook this for the sake of such an excellent and speedy machine, and the simple addition of a USB hub resolves the issue, albeit a little bit untidily. However, our FOURtress BUTT adds those extra front ports in a convenient slim 15mm high “dock” that slips under the FOURtress itself, without over-expanding its overall footprint, and keeping the short cables tidily hidden around the back! With holes cut to coincide with the feet on the FOURtress, the FOURtress BUTT will hold the computer in place, although it can be easily lifted away if you want to take your FOURtress elsewhere. The three additional USB ports will operate at USB 2.0 speeds under RISC OS, but if you’re using our custom EDOS dual operating system, they will function at USB 3.0 speeds under Raspbian OS, making it ideal for hosting external drives, as well as a keyboard or mouse. Or optical drives. Or anything USB, for that matter*.
Future BUTTs We have a range of BUTTS in development, including an SSD BUTT for our PiANO range of computers, which will hide all cables from view whilst adding an SSD to the base of the case. If you have suggestions for future BUTTs, we’d love to hear them! Just let us know.
A simple tray, suitable for an SSD or a smaller drive and a HAT. Suitable, and with the same footprint and shape as the PiRO Noir.
The tray option with a “made-to-measure USB to SATA adaptor that enables a 2.5in SSD to be connected discreetly to the PiRO Noir.
A tray option complete with a USB to SATA adaptor and a 240GB SSD, formatted as Filecore or Turbo, to sit under the PiRO Noir.
£13 £25