An mSATA expansion kit for the mini.m to add superfast disc access.
An mSATA and four port USB expansion kit for the mini.m to add superfast disc access AND extra connectivity,
Upgrade your original mini.mSATA to the mSATA plus.four with this replacement slice and USB hub kit.
mini.docks - small but expansive mini.docks are dd-ons for the Solid Run Cubox, and R-Comp’s mini.m tiny RISC OS computer. They add an mSATA drive alone, or an mSATA drive plus three additional USB ports, all without accidenally turning the tiny case into something like a huge, chunky desktop. The mini.docks connect easily to the mini.m to expand its capabilities, with all the cables needed supplied as standard. All you need to do is add an mSATA drive and you can utilise the superfast disc access the mini.m offers. In addition, the mini.mSATA plus.four also adds a four port USB hub to the dock, giving the option to add even more peripherals. mini.mSATA A simple square “sit in” dock that adds an mSATA adaptor to the mini.m without overly increasing the footpirnt. Whilst not supplied with mSATA drives as standard, the mini.mSATA does come with: 6x 3mm acrylic slices (65mm x 65mm mSATA to SATA adaptor (integrated) eSATA connector cable to connect the mini.m to ther mini.mSATA, with added USB power injection cable USB to mini.m cable (so both the drive and the mini.m can be powered from a dual USB phone charger or similar) 4x glue dots to attach the mini.m’s feet inside the dock base 4x screw and nut sets mini.mSATA plus.four The mini.mSATA 4+ also integrates a 4 port bus-powered USB hub, whilst only increasing the footprint to just 98mm x 65mm, but no additional height. It can be set up so that the main USB ports can face in the direction you prefer - on the same face as the other ports, out to the front or off to the side. It also includes a short mini USB cable to connect the hub to the mini.m, plus a set of 98mm x 65mm acrylic slices to accommodate the hub. mini.mSATA USB upgrade For those that had originally bought the mini.mSATA and now want to upgrade to the plus.four, and upgrade kit including USB hub, mini USB cable and three repacement acrylic slices is available to expand your existing mini.dock.
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
mini.docks - SATA and USB docks for mini.m and SolidRun CuBox
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mini.mSATA USB upgrade
mini.mSATA plus.four