Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
FREE * Wireless Networking for RISC OS. And More. Wispy is quick way to bring one of the remaining deficits of RISC OS to fruition, until a proper, integrated solution is found. In fact, it actually manages to fulfill even more: Wireless networking configurable within RISC OS Access to a fully-featured and up to date browser The ability to set up Samba and NFS shares Additional storage via USB Access to your OwnCloud files Wireless status application icon Not only that, but it also allows access to other applications not usually available, such as word proccessors, image processing, and other Linux-based apps. These can be made to appear in a window within a familiar RISC OS environment. It also comes with a configuration front end for RISC OS, that allows you to establish the original connection through RISC OS. Connecting to wireless networks is possible through a simple web interface that can be operated fully within NetSurf - unlike many other options, there is no need to connect and set up using a PC first. Wispy is fully configurable from RISC OS. Wispy now also displays its status on the icon bar using the Wispy icon to show whether it is connected to a network or not, and also the level of signal strength, This allows the user to see how effective the wireless network connection is, even without having a Wispy configuration page open. Wispy fits nicely into both a RISC OS Pi-Top v1 case, or within an ordinary desktop case, using a custom-built PCI bracket available from RISCOSbits. It can be powered from either a standard USB port or using a molex splitter to microUSB port, also available from RISCOSbits. All the software is available for free* although you will need to obtain additional hardware for it work. Caveats Wispy only works with an H2+ Orange Pi Zero 512MB (it may work with 256MB versions or, less likely the H5 versions, but this is untested) Wispy is distributed on a 16GB USB drive, so you’ll need to burn your own microSD card for the Orange Pi Zero from the compressed 1.2GB image included - a 16GB card is recommended Limited support is available - details included on the USB drive. ShareFS is currently not available when using Wispy Getting Wispy Wispy is available on a 16GB USB drive, and for a limited period, there are some 512MB Orange Pi Zero boards for use with the software. RISCOSbits can also supply custom-made PCI brackets to fit the device into a full-height or half-height PCI slot in a standard PC case.
* a small charge is made for the media to distribute the software and source code + whilst Wispy is fully working and has been in use for a number of months at RISCOSbits HQ, no warranty is offered - you are effectively buying the hardware, and the software just happens to included on the USB. Support will be offered where possible, and any ongoing updates may resolve known issues.
RISCOSbits Wispy - wireless networking for RISC OS
Wispy In Use
16GB USB Drive and Wispy Software
The drive contains the Wispy Image for Orange Pi Zero ** and !Wispy software for RISC OS, plus additional RISC OS software and the Installation Manual
Wispy Kit
LIMITED - 16GB USB drive PLUS an Orange Pi Zero 512MB, FREE Flat micro USB cable and ethernet cable. Add your microSD card for the image, or go here to buy pre-made ones.
PCI Bracket
A simple, custom-built way to mount the Wispy inside a standard ATX or ITX MicroATX PC cases for use with your RISC OS machine. Available in half height ot full height sizes.
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