Upgrade a RiscPC to full HD graphics, HDMI out, USB and RISC OS 5 from £10! PiPOD is a custom hardware design that allows a Raspberry Pi to be mounted in a podule slot in a RiscPC and A7000 and operate the two systems simultaneously - running RISC OS in a window within RISC OS. PiPOD is also an excellent way of dipping your feet into the 32bit RISC OS world without losing compatibility with older 26bit software. PiPOD comes in a variety of models, from the bare metal podule plate alone, to a fully working pre- configured system that you can slot in and go. RISCOSbits can even create a custom option just for you. If you’re worried about moving from your ageing Acorn machine to a more modern option, then this is the solution for you - it’s simply the best of both RISC OS worlds in one machine. System Requirements Networked RISC OS machine with spare Podule slots (backplane not required) HDMI monitor (or HDMI-VGA adaptor) for full HD graphics USB capable mouse and keyboard for set up Ethernet connection 10/100 (100Mbps NIC preferred but not essential) from your host machine Access to a spare ethernet port on the same network as the host machine.
PiPOD Adapt This kit comprises the bare metal plate, plus all the adaptors, cables and screws you need to install the PiPOD in your podule slot: Pi Plate HDMI adaptors Podule mounting screws Pi mounting screws Molex to Pi internal power cable Comes with access to downloadable inter- connection software.
PiPOD Basic The very basic PiPOD kit - his merely consists of a bare metal plate on which to mount your own Raspberry Pi. Supply your own adaptors, cables and screws. This option is not recommended, but some people like tinkering! Comes with access to downloadable inter-connection software.
PiPOD Ultra Everything in one simple kit! All pre-built for you! Just slot in to your Acorn machine, connect it up and away you go: Pi Plate HDMI adaptors Podule mounting screws Pi mounting screws Molex to Pi internal power cable Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 (depending on availability) Pre-configured licensed RISC OS 16GB MicroSD card with software for inter-connection
PiPODs are created using publicly-available free software combined with licensed software, and bespoke hardware.
Future Developments Future hardware compatibility - should the form factor of the Raspberry Pi change, RISCOSbits will endeavor to develop an upgraded podule plate to accommodate this. Updated software - some elements of the PiPOD interconnectivity software are dormant, whilst some are actively being developed by authors/maintainers. RISCOSbits will offer RISC OS-sized financial donations to those authors, without expectation, to encourage them to further develop and optimise the software, including RISC OS Open license fees. User involvement - PiPOD is altruistic in nature, and users (especially those with coding ability!) are encouraged to help develop the software further. RISCOSbits will provide opportunities and resources to enable this. Contact RISCOSbits if you wish to be involved. Additional Information about PiPOD PiPOD is not intended as a profit-making scheme. Apart from the bespoke metal podule plate, all the software and hardware is available elsewhere. RISCOSbits has spent a considerable amount of time adjusting the configuration of the software to ensure the best interoperability currently available. RISCOSbits is just taking the effort out of getting it up and running, but recognise that some people enjoy the challenge, so the bare metal option is there to accommodate this. Any excess monies generated will be channelled and donated to continue the development of the software used, and increase its efficacy and operation, especially where software is dormant.
PiPOD - Raspberry Pi podule for Acorn computers PiPOD - Raspberry Pi podule for Acorn computers P D Pi
Bake An Acorn Pi
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
PiPOD Basic
Just the plain metal bracket for you to slot your own Pi into your Acorn. The ideal DIY option at a bargain price.
PiPOD Adapt
The plate and all the adaptors. Plus a link to the software that you need, and instructions to set it up.
The full caboodle - a PiPOD plate, the adaptor kit, a Raspberry Pi, and a 16GB CD card with all the software you need, pre-installed.
PiPOD Ultra
£15 £15 £15 £10 £30 £60