Acorn Ephemera
Pac Man Ghost Orange Raspberry Pi case Pac Man Ghost Blue Raspberry Pi case
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Fluorescent acid green acrylic round layer case, with a RISC OS cog engraved in the top layer. Only 35mm in height, but with 25mm clearance for your Pi and HAT. Fan cutout optional.
Disq - Raspberry
Want to use it for a non-RISC OS Pi? Not sure why you would, but here’s a Raspberry Pi themed engraving on the top.
Disq - Cthulhu
That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die. So prepeare for the coming of Cthulhu with this cephalopoid case for your Pi.
Disq - Lovecraft
Let HPL himself haunt the dark of your desk with this sihouette engraved case.
Disq - Elder Sign
Prepare for the Old Ones return and use Derleth’s Elder Sign to protect you from the madness that is coming.
£19.50 £19.50 £19.50 £19.50 £19.50 £19.50 £19.50 £19.50 £19.50 £2.50 £19.50 £19.50
Disq - Invader
Retro gaming fan? User of ADFFS? Get this themed case to keep your retro gaming machine ready for the Space Invasion. With cut through eyes for added ventilation.
Disq - Devil
Want something a bit more sinister? Have the devil sit at your desk while you tinker with your Pi - what could possibly go wrong?! With cut through eyes for added ventilation.
Be you Jedi or from the Darkside, remind yourself of that unique Skywalker achievement as it was before… with ventilation holes.
Disq - Deaf Star
Media Center case with Kodi-esque logo emblazoned on the front. Would look garish and glowing on anyone’s TV set up!
As a tribute to how these gaudy cases were made, emblazon yours with the Laser warning symbol as it glows in the corner of the room. With cut-through centre circle.
Get a HDMI adaptor to alter the angle of the cable coming from your Disq case. Can only be pruchased with a Disq or Ghostly.
Disq - KoDisq
HDMI Adaptor
Disq - Lazer
£22 £22 £22
A homage to the simpler games of the past, Winky is a ghost shaped case for the Raspberry Pi in fluorescent red acrylic. Top and bottom slices are shaped and with cut through eyes.
Like Winky but in fluorescent blue, Stinky will sit quietly waiting for any other Disq casesto come along, and then devour them!
Hyde - that fluorescent orange case to make up the triad of Ghostly cases for your Pi retro gaming setup. Or any other Pi setup!
Ghostly - Winky
Ghostly - Hyde
Ghostly - Stinky
RISC OS Disq Raspberry Pi case Disq Raspberry Pi case Star Trek Disq Raspberry Pi case
Want to join the Federation? Star Fleet Academy recruit? Get your sepcially themed Disq case to show you the way.
Cthulhu Disq Raspberry Pi case HPLovecraft Disq Raspberry Pi case Elder Sign Disq Raspberry Pi case Space Invader Raspberry Pi Case Devil Disq Raspberry Pi case Star Wars Death Star Disq Raspberry Pi case Kodi Disq Raspberry Pi case Laser Disq Raspberry Pi case Pac Man Ghost Red Raspberry Pi case
Custom Disq
We can create and design a unique Disq case to your specifications from a range of opaque, frosted, translucent and fluorescent acrylics, as well as wood veneered and other sheet materials. Ideal for gifts, prizes, giveaways and promotional items. Please contact us to let us know your ideas and we’ll guide you into designing the exact Disq you want on to cover and protect your Raspberry Pi on your desk.
Disq cases are made from 5mm acrylic and can be used with Raspberry Pi B+, 2B, 3B, 3B+ and 4B