Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
MiniMedia - a layering of oak MiniMedia is a “build your own case” kit made from veneered sustainable oak layers with matte acrylic front and rear panels, for a sophisticated look on any desk. MiniMedia is a multimedia style case for the Raspberry Pi 4, with a custom adaptor board to bring power, HDMI and audio onto the same rear face as the standard Raspberry Pi USB and ethernet ports. Added to that, the front face of the case offers up easy access to the micro SD card slot for easy changing of removable media, plus a USB 2.0 port to enable the easy plugging in of USB devices such as hard drives, USB drives, keyboards and the like. MiniMedia still has space inside for a HAT, and, if combined with our FHANTom fan device it can operate with temperature controlled cooling built in, pushing the warm air out of the layered slats on the side. MiniMedia comes in three variants: A simple case without a fan - where passive cooling only is required. The side slats help cool air pass over the components inside. A case with a fan mounted in the case for straightforward “always on” cooling to keep the Pi and other components cool. A “full kit” case with FHANTom controllable fan HAT and control software supplied. The MiniMedia case is fully interchangeable with the PiAno case, as it uses the same adaptors. Contact us if you wish to change your case from a PiAno to a MiniMedia.
MiniMedia without Fan
Just the case and internal adaptor, with a set of heatsinks for the main hotspots on the Pi 4.
MiniMedia with lid-mounted Fan
The case, internal adaptor, heatsinks, and a fan and mountings to attach it to the lid.
The case, internal adaptor, heatsinks and a FHANTom HAT with control software.
MiniMedia with Fhantom
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